Marix Door ClosersTechnology| Innovation | Discretion| Perfection | Up to 600lbs.

Wood, metal, glass, frame… Marix Door Closer adapts to all doors.| fits your Project.| #1 in pivot doors.

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Marix Door Closers are an innovation in the world of doors marketed in most important countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The MARIX Door Closer is a patented product that has required years of development involving state-of-the-art metallurgical industry technologies combined with the technological and material innovations of the automotive industry. The constant pursuit for innovation, quality and technology, focused on floor concealed door closers, is the great differential of Marix. Our market relation is fulfilled with respect for the entire production chain, from the suppliers to the final consumers, in order to create a harmonious and prosperous relationship. The Marix Door Closer is the most modern product in the segment of Hinges for pivoting doors of every type of material. It gathers the Pivot Lightness in doors with the Functionality of a closing mechanism on top of all the great advantages like compactness, durability and competitive price.

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